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Here is my tactic for Sensible World of Soccer.
Its based on a 5-3-2 but very zombiefied, hehe. Players seem happy and also raise in value!
Playing a career i like when a players value goes up, in the same time i think this
tactic is pretty useful. Never is perfect, could use some improvements. You will find this tactic
on the savedisc.

zombie swos tactic

An easy way to score a goal with this tactic is to strike the ball into the panaltybox and a player will be in
a good position to tackle the ball in the net or if its a hard shot, head it in!

Click image below to watch (avi file).

GOAL!! another goal!

Some other ways to score:

You must know or discovered these allready...zzzz.
One of them if from a corner kick, by holding the firebuttom down and in the last moment
moving the striker slightly further away from goal and then head it in. umm how to describe...
Once you get it, you can often score like this. Unless you are playing against a more
experienced human player.

corner kick goal!


Another one, is to strike at goal just outside the panaltybox,
slighty curve the ball close to but past the keeper.

curve the ball into net


Curved shot from an angle outside the box, a good goalscoring chance.

hard finish from this angle


Banana shot and into goal by the far post.

and he scores!!


Those where some easy goals ^ but the best ones ofcause are when you score a great goal!!

Here are some of mine, will try add more highlight if i score any fantastic goals:

Goal1 Goal2 Goal3 Goal4 Goal5 Goal6 Goal7


Dida                G       2M AC Milan Italy    - Good goalkeeper.
Alberto Lopo D STH 500K Espanyol Spain - Good buy if you are starting with a weaker team.
Mikael Silvestre D TSH 1.9M Man United England- The best defender imo, very fast too!! Demarcus Beasley LW PCS 500K PSV Holland - Extreme speed and ballcontroll but weak finishing.

Kiki Musampa LW SCF 950K Atl. Madrid Spain - Great speed, ballcontrol and finishing
Sergio Volpi RW CSF 1M Sampdoria Italy - Good speed and ballcontrol. ok finishing.
Magrao M STC 1.5M Palmeiras Brazil - Ok speed and shooting.
Diego Forlan A SVC 1M VillarReal Spain - Fast player but not so good ballcontrol and finishing.
Wayne Rooney A FSV 7M Man United England- Exellent speed, ballcontrol, shooting and finishing.
Ruud Van Nistelrooy A HFS 12M Man United England- Not as good speed/ballcontrol as Rooney but still good.
Carlos Teves A FVS 6M Boca Juniors - Best player in swos or atleast my favourite in real football. BEST TEAMS: Argentina - Fast players and and amazing striker, Carlos Teves! Wales - No kidding, all players have great speed and Bellamy in attack is lethal.

S = Speed
T = Tackling
C = Ballcontroll
H = Heading
P = Passing
F = Finishing
V = Velocity

When playing a match, i find speed the most important skill.
If a player is slow its difficult to hold onto the ball, sense position of other players
movement and do nice dribbles.
I like to keep the ball, often too long.. So ball control skill can be a bonus.
Other skills ofcause are crucial, like an attacker must have good finishing. Defenders must
have good tackling. Its all about your style of play and using the players skills.

I hope you score some nice goals, Have fun with SWOS!!

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