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This is an update for the AMIGA version of SWOS.

You can play it on PC with WinUAE, AMIGA emulator..

There are lots of updates availible on the net.

Most team updates include changes in the number of teams in leagues, nothing wrong
with that idea, it reflects how it is in the soccer world today and it
works fine
on the PC version.
The problem is that the AMIGA version doesnt like that and is one of the reasons why
some previous versions have crashed.

So I begun doing my own updates, some italien, spanish and english teams.
After a while I gave up, too much work and so many teams..Well
then I found a new update pack online.

As far as i understand, people from swos.erdinc.info have done these updates as they
are planning to make it availible for the PC.
Whiteulver has somehow patched(?) the updates so they work on the Amiga version.
It really works! I have played an entire career without a crash.
This was tested with a 3'rd division English team. I find this one of the most
interesting leagues as it has many cups. Im not sure how its affected
in other leagues(?) but all in all it seems like a great update!
Teams/Players/Prices are very fresh which brings new life to the game.
Also with this update the playerstats are real and not created from random stats
at fixed values like in more recent updates.

I changed some graffics in the game, small stuff... no, it doesnt look like
the background picture hehe..just felt a little creative.

Anyway it works perfect here, so i got all grazy and zipped the files.
Very easy to get up and running!!.

Now lets get this monster cooking!!
In the download is WinUAE Kaillera 0.8.14.

Make sure to extract the folder to "C:\",
So that WinUAE-Kaillera_r1.exe will be in the "C:\WinUAE+SWOS" Folder.
This is a HD image so the loading times are faster then ADF disc versions.
Many still agree that SWOS is the best football/soccer game ever.
Fire up your joysticks, keyboard or whatever. Its all ready to go!
A 'save disc' is also ready to be used in game so you can save your
career and cups. WOW!
Note: KICK31.ROM has been removed due to copyright notice,
you can legaly obtain the kickroms from www.amigaforever.com


                                        DOWNLOAD SWOS 05/06


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