Ice skating show from Red Square Moscow


Here you will find videos from the 2006 Red Square Show from Moscow.
This is one of the rare outdoor ice rink show.
It was a freezing cold snowy night in Moscow, but with the warm atmosphere the skaters
had no problems melting the ice.

Videos are made with XVID codec and all files are zipped
They will need to be unpacked after download.
The files can be up to 98 MB in size!
Hopefully these things are not an issue
and you can watch the videos.

~ Enjoy! ~

-01- Opening
-02- Domnina & Shabalin
-03- Alexander Abt
-04- Shen & Zhao
-05- Oksana Baiul
-06- Drobiazko & Vanagas
-07- Brian Joubert
-08- Fusar Poli & Margaglio
-09- Berezhnaya & Sikharulidze
-10- Guseva & Kostomarov
-11- Brian Joubert
-12- Denkova & Staviski
-13- Petrova & Tikhonov
-14- Irina Slutskaya
-15- Totmianina & Marinin
-16- Navka & Kostomarov
-17- Alexei Yagudin
-18- Finale

Alexei Yagudin Shen & Zhao Finale

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