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Here you find videos of 2006 Proximus SOI show.
Only about half the show was broadcasted and thats what you'll find here.
I do actualy have Irina Slutskaya's second program, thanks to Romain.

If you have not seen Navka & Kostomarov's Austin Powers program before, then
what are you waiting for, check it out. The performance here was great.

The downloads can be up to 80 MB in size.

~ Enjoy! ~

-01- Opening
-02- Drobiazko & Vanagas
-03- Kevin van der Perren
-04- Irina Slutskaya
-05- Brian Orser
-06- Totmianina & Marinin
-07- Navka & Kostomarov
-08- Kevin van der Perren
-09- Finale
Totmianina & Marinin Irina Slutskaya Navka & KostomarovBrian Orser

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