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Irina Slutskaya montage - Higher and Higher (56MB) Click image to download. Boogaloo - Exhibition Montage (25MB) (my 2'nd montage)
Irina Slutskaya Montage - Shine (59MB)
(My first figure skating montage)
Irina 2004-05 LP Wonderland (5MB) (Music cuts i tried to edit and sample together)
Irina 2005-06 LP Flamenko (4.7MB) (music edits)
Irina 2000-01 LP Don Quixote (3.8MB) (yet another Irina music edit)
New year show Glukoza & Plushenko 2005 (16MB) (great fun!)
2004 Skate Canada Gala - L&A (10MB) (Lanolois & Archetto Barbie program)
06 Mission to Torino - Carolina Kostner (69MB) (Pre Olympic Fluff)
100% Katarina Witt - Biography (249MB) (Biography of the German ice skater)
2006 Olym. - Daring Girls with Brian Joubert (57MB) (Daring Girls)
Daring Girls - Joubert & Gwendal (57MB) (Daring Girls up for new challenges)
2006 Sasha Cohen on Jay Leno (47MB) (Sasha on Jay Leno just after Winter Olympics)
Brian Joubert, Plus Pres Des Artistes L'Intergrale (149MB) (French)
Sports - 2005 Petrova & Tikhonov (77MB) (Russian)
Plushenko and Gwendal talk (53MB) (2006 Olympics chit-chat)
Mission 414 - Brian Joubert (114MB) (French)
Brian Joubert - On ne peut pas plaire a tout le monde (53MB) (French)
2006 Brian Joubert - La Methode Cauet (121MB) (French)
2006 Brian Joubert - Fluff (57MB) (French, from TEB)
2006 Joubert & Preaubert fluff (32MB) (Training for Courchevel Gala)
2006-07 RTR new year show - Evgeni Plushenko (45MB) (Russia)
2007 Brian Joubert (85MB) (Pre Europeans fluff)
2007 Plushenko - The infinite duel (294MB) (Russian documentary)
2007 Kristoffer Berntsson (51MB) (Europeans training fluff)
2007 Lina Johansson (65MB) (Pre Europeans interview)
Brian Joubert et Blade on the rock (92MB) (30 Millions d'Amis - french tv)
Joubert - T'empeches tout le monde de dormir (117MB) (2007 french tv program)
Irina - Flamenko remix (3.4MB) (Just for fun! A 2007 remix made by me)
Evgeni Plushenko - Sochi (17MB) (Russian news clip, Plushenko in Guatemala)
2007 Russian Ice Age Moscow (90MB) (News report from open-air ice rink event)
2008 Brian Joubert Fluff (50MB) (From European Championship)
2008 Varm paa is Kierkgaard & Jeschke (71MB) (Mikkeline Kierkgaard & Norman Jeschke with cast performing James Bond medley)
2008 Varm på is Finale - Kierkgaard & Jeschke (50MB) (Mikkeline singing and skating)
2008 Eurovision - Dima Bilan, Marton & Plushenko - Believe (86MB) (Eurovision song contest winners)
2008 Incognito - Stephane Lambiel (90MB) (Swiss documentary broadcasted 31 december)
2008 Star Ice Finale - Evgeni Plushenko (55MB) (From the Finale of Russian ice show)
2009 Alexei Yagudin - My great passion with Tatiana (606MB) (Russian documentary)
2009 Countdown to Vancouver (131MB) (US skaters)
2009 Last call with Carson Daly - Belbin & Agosto (63MB) (Fluff piece leading up to the 2010 Olympics)
2009 Vistida Vicino Carolina Kostner (601MB) (About the Italien skater)
2009 Brian Joubert - Breaking the Ice (188MB) (Fluff)
2010 Kings on Ice: Behind the scenes (713MB) (Russian documentary featuring Plushenko, Lambiel, Weir and Joubert)

Here is an Irina Slutskaya section :) which i will try keep up to date.


Videos from 2006 Post Olympic Gala, France!!


Videos from 2006 Russian SOI Show - Skating with Celebrities!


Videos from 2006 Golden Celebrities on Ice Show!


2006 Pakhomova & Gorshkov Tribute


2006 Proximus Stars On Ice videos


Videos from 2006 Red Square Show in Moscow


2006 Courchevel Gala Show


2006 Drobiazko and Vanagas Tour


2006-07 Plushenko Ice Show


2007 Stars Sur Glace


2007 Russia Stars of 2014


2007 Ice Age (RSOI 2)


2007 ARD Gala


2007-08 Moscow/St. Petersburg Ice show


2007-08 Courchevel Gala


2007-08 Bolzano Gala


2007-08 xmas Ice Flames


2008 Art on Ice


2008 Holiday on Ice


2008 Stars sur Glace


2008 Russian Ice Age


2008 Kings on Ice show


2008 Golden Skate Awards


2008 Ingolstadt


2008 Golden Ice of Stradivari


2008 Courchevel Gala


2008 Oberstdorf Eisgala


2008 Bolzano Gala


2008-09 Stars & Sternchen


2009 Skate for the Heart


2009 Holiday on Ice


2009 Stars sur Glace


2009 Kings on Ice 3


2009 Gran Gala Lancia Ice


2009 Irina Rodnina show


2009 Golden Skate Awards


2009 Courchevel


2010 Art on Ice


2010 Angels on Ice


2010 Kings on Ice - Prague


2010 Kings on Ice show from Bratislava


2010 Golden Skate Awards


2010 Ice Christmas Gala


2010 Courchevel


2010 Kings on Ice - Moscow


2010 Kings on Ice, Romania


2011 Rain - A Tribute to the Beatles on Ice


NEW! 2011 Art on Ice



NEW! 2012 Capodanno on Ice



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