2009 Ice Show


Here are video clips from 2009 Holiday on Ice.
This is not to be confused with Canadian Holiday on Ice, this is a French show.
I was really surprised how good last years show was.
Have not watched much from this season's but it looked stunning as well, I'm going to
find a special moment for this.
Anyway, hope the videos are ok.
The videos are in avi format and between 40~160 MB in size.

~ Enjoy this beautiful show! ~

-01- Opening
-02- Supernova
-03- La Terre
-04- Naissance
-05- Ein & Stein
-06- Le Monde Sous-Marin de Neptune
-07- Mars part 1
-08- Mars part 2
-09- Venus
-10- Les Constellations
-11- Tango de la Lune et du Soleil
-12- Allergria - Abitbol & Bernadis
-13- La Planete Salsa
-14- Ajna Sagesse Harmonie et Equilibre
-15- Piax et Connaissance
-16- Energia connexion et Harmonie

Images from videos:
hoi hoi2 hoi-3

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