Great skating!

This page has my videos from 2008 Art on Ice.
Special musical guest: Kim Wilde & Ronan Keating.

The files are up to 100 MB in size and they need unzipping after download.
Since these video files and some of my other videos can be large in size,
they can take up valuable space on your computer. A suggestion I can give
you is to store these videos on an external storage device so that you may
keep open space on your computer's internal hard drive.

I hope they work and you enjoy them!
Feel welcome to come back to this site and check out
other figure skating videos.

~ Have fun! ~

-01- Opening
-02- Zaldua & Zukhanov
-03- Savchenko & Szolkowy
-04- Sarah Meier
-05- Kurt Browning
-06- Stephane Lambiel
-07- Savchenko & Szolkowy
-08- Shizuka Arakawa
-09- Kawaguchi & Smirnov
-10- Kerr & Kerr
-11- Kurt Browning
-12- Surya Bonaly
-13- Zaluda & Zukhanov & Arakawa
-14- Sarah Meier
-15- Stephane Lambiel
-16- Finale

The images are captured from video clips:
Kawaguchi & Smirnov Stephane Lambiel

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