Stars und Sternchen auf dem Eis - 2008 German Ice Gala.


Here are videos from the traditional German 2008-2009 Stars und Sternchen auf dem Eis.
It's one of the annual shows that broadcast every year but for some reason
i miss it on tv, well more because it's hard to find the tv-schedules unless someone
post's them.
It's quite an enjoyable show, lot's of cute skaters mixed with famous German skaters, both
amatuer and proffesionals.


-01- Opening
-02- Meisterklasse Herren
-03- Team Berlin 1
-04- Martin Liebers
-05- Kolbe & Rabe
-06- Lindemann & Team Berlin juniors
-07- Skaters demonstrating jumps
-08- Caroline Gulke
-09- Clemens Brummer
-10- Stefan Lindemann
-11- Zhiganshina & Gazsi
-12- Peter Liebers
-13- Kolbe & Rabe
-14- Philipp Tischendorf
-15- Finale

Bilder from the videos:
 Caroline Gulke Zhiganshina & Gazsi

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