Golden Ice of Stradivari Králové ledové arény II

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On this page you will find videos of the 2'nd 2008 Kings on Ice Show which took place 09 Oct. 2008 in Prague.
Enjoy Edvin Marton's and Evgeni Plushenko's European Ice tour, this
one from czechoslovakia.
The files can be around 100MB in size and need unpacking (.zip) after download.
As promissed i have added the first half of show from repeated broadcast as i missed it first time, so all videos are here now!

~ ENJOY! ~

-01- Opening
-02- Evgeni Plushenko
-03- Lang & Tchernyshev
-04- Irina Kazakova
-05- Edvin Marton
-06- Tomas Slavicek & USK Praha
-07- Hoffman & Zavozin
-08- Silvia Fontana
-09- Graham & Polischuk
-10- Jason Graetz
-11- Zalduova & Suchanov
-12- Tomas Verner
-13- Klub Olympia Praha
-14- Group number

Second half (in skating order)
Tomas Verner interview
Marton group number
Evgeni Plushenko 1
Irina Kazakova
Sergei Dobrin
Afanasievova & Dack
Sergei Jakimenko
Zalduova & Suchanov
Graham & Polischuk
Laurent Tobel
Lang & Tchernyshev
Philip Candeloro
Surya Bonaly
Tomas Verner
Chesna & Chesna
Evgeni Plushenko 2

Images from videos:
Sergei Jakimenko Finale

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