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This page contains my videos from the 2007 X-Mas Ice Flames gala from Lithuania.
It was a great show and had that warm and intimate atmopshere like other
slavic ice shows.
The files are up to 83 MB in size and needs unzipping after download.

Sorry, its not the whole show but i will share with you what i have.

~ Enjoy these vids ! ~

-01- Opening
-02- Millennium Acrobats
-03- Aidas Reklys
-04- Marie-Pierre Leray
-05- Tomas Verner
-06- Drobiazko & Vanagas
-07- Copely & Stagniunas
-08- Jozef Sabovcik
-09- Silvia Fontana
-10- Totmianina & Marinin
-11- Myslliveckova & Novak
-12- Marie-Pierre Leray

The images are taken from following videos
Tomas Verner Totmianina & Marinin Silvia Fontana

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