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Pinball_v2.0_full.zip -64MB- This is the Pinball game including Visual Pinball.

Saddle Up! - A multiplayer Pinball game I made.

In this Pinball game you can play 2 simultaneous players, either against eachother or vs. the computer.

The goal is to shoot the ball into opposite half, using the ramps to score points but also making the gameplay difficult for the other player, a lost ball is worth massive points. The sheriff star will indicate which player is ahead during game.

You start off with 2 balls, however if one gets locked up in jail and later does a jailbreak, another ball will enter the playfield.
The game ends when a player is ahead with 50.000 points. If you open script in Visual Pinball editor, there are different modes and game settings you can adjust.

Saloons, gold mines, horses, cattle and chickens..Saddle up, its time to ride!

To Install Visual Pinball:

1. Download and unzip files
2. Open the visualpinball .msi file to install

All done!

DoubleClick Saddle Up! v1.0.vpt to play the Visual Pinball table!

    Controls Player 1:
        Left Flipper  /LEFT SHIFT
        Right Flipper /Z
Controls Player 2: Left Flipper /- Right Flipper /RIGHT SHIFT
Other settings (these are also active during gameplay):

1 /1 Player vs. Computer
2 /2 Players
M /In game music on-off

ESC /Quit Game (Editor)

Sound editing and music by juskiddink

Special thanks to the following freesound users for sounds and effects:

acclivity. BullBellow
Andoru Wari. cowboy one-liners
Benboncan. Hand Powered Pillar Drill
dobroide. horse neigh
CGEffex. Boot & spurs. Ricochet metal2
FreqMan. Silent Movie - Sam Fox - Hurry Music
grimny. bestkeepridin
HolyGhostParty. Rattler
Jon285. 44 black powder
juskiddink.Horse trotting.Rockslide 2.Military exercise.Thud-dry
Klankbeeld. Saddle-up shitkickers it's time to ride request
mapleleaf. old pinball
m1a2t3z4. Window breaking
Robinhood76. chicken hen
sandyrb. THE CRASH
shawshank73. scottstoked_yeehaw
Syna-Max. punches and slaps
Synapse. TrumpetLoop0

Feel welcome to also try my other Visual Pinball table, Irina Pinball.

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