Case mod

I've had this case for a long time but still hav'nt figured out which brand it is ?
Anyway its been very modfriendly, easy to take the sidepanel off, no sharp edges and most importantly has enough space to do mods on it. I dont have any pictures from before it was modded but can say it wasnt pretty. So on this page you will experience the full case mod.

case mod

The joystick was mostly for MAME and AMIGA emulator. Wanted a more arcade feeling playing games.

the back

side view

My dad helped cutting out the plexiglass.
The rubbermolding is rather huge and i wont tell you where i got it, hehe.

the baybus

The 12/7V baybus was the most difficult part on the case. You have no idea how many wires there are in there, i mean really alot :D It was a problem figuring out which switch controled which fan, so i put some lettering on it (hard to see on the pics). Some of the switches control the electronics in the case (on/off).

a peek through the case window:

hello, anyone in there?

picture with latest hardware:

another peek

aarrrgh!! I really had to stress the system to get all these LED's running:


'Uller's LED-Meter' buttom/right, shows the CPU usage in Windows (100% on the pic).

The yellow LED (under the Power+HD) flashes during LAN/Internet activity.


92mm intake fan. The VU-Meter shows Volume output (like the ones on old stereo's).

need to clean up the floor

The paintjob took about 3 weeks and lots of work. The good painting guides and forums on the net helped alot. Like all case mods, there is something inside the case:

System update!

Intel Pentium 4 2.4 @ 2.8

Asus P4B533

ATI Radeon 9700 Pro

512 MB Samsung PC2700 DDR Ram

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