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What is this site about? Well I like to share my projects here, it can be anything. If find something new i want to build, i spend loads of time on websites, forums, reading and gatherting as much info as possible about a topic. Even buying a simple thing, its not like, oh I heard this brand is pretty good "Add to cart". No, i need to know EVERYTHING about it, this sometimes can take days/weeks of research.
In the end i like to take loads of pictures and provide exhaustive information, can you handle it? I try writing in a language that anyone can follow, making what may sound like a complicated project, very easy to understand.

Computers have always interested me. It began with the ZX Spectrum 48K, I remember the soft touch buttons, how I loved those. The games however where very limited. My favorite was "Dead or Alive", a wild west game, then there was also "Fighter Pilot".
Later i got a C64. Maybe you remember things like Turboload, "Press Play on Tape" and load "$",8? Games sure where a lot of fun! (once they loaded). The Giana Sisters, Microphose Soccer, Buggy Boy and Commando come to mind.
But the best days where with the AMIGA! I had an A1200 with HDD and 48MB 68040 accellerator card, it may not sound like much by todays standards but i can tell you at the time this was a powerful system. Workbench, which is the Operating System of the Amiga, only took 5 seconds to boot. The HDD was 2GB but with the games being so small in size it was impossibe to fill it up. The games where great! The developers had lots of freedom back then which led to creative and original ideas.

I also enjoyed Arcade gaming. It was a great feeling standing in front of an arcade cabinet with joysticks and push buttons. I also found these games had addictive gameplay and where so well made that one was tempted to 'Insert coin to continue'. My favorites where Double Dragon, Slapfight, Outrun and Super Sprint or those are the ones i remember the most. I consider the mid 80's to be the best era in video arcades, it was sad when these machines slowly vanished from the local arcades and today nowhere to be found.
Searching the net I ran into the MAME Emulator which could emulate all these classics on our computers. People even built their own cabinets to play these games, creating a very authentic arcade experience. I quickly joined this community and built my very own arcade which you can read about it on the MAME cabinet page. I've also added a Commodore 64 and Amiga emulator. Any emulator that can run on a PC can be installed on a MAME Cabinet, although sometimes the controls are difficult to configure. There are other ports of MAME, not only Windows but also Linux, even XBOX. I've recently upgraded the sound system and installed a Jukebox software.

epic! bubble bobble old classic arcade game

Even though its not an Arcade title, my all time favorite game is Sensible World of Soccer, in this Amiga game the gameplay is very addictive. Its great the way you control players 100% and can pinpoint the power and direction of shots and passes, something even todays football games are lacking. The fast gameplay and simple 2D bird view creates a perfect angle to follow all the action. On a MAME cabinet with microswitch joysticks, the game is awesome.

goal scoring superstar hero! my pinball game

My MAME Cabinet also has Visual Pinball installed, this plays/simulates many real pinball machines and the editor allows you to create your own pinball tables. One of my own tables is Irina Pinball which is an ice skating pinball game that pays tribute to the Russian ice skater, Irina Slutskaya.

On this site you will also find my Figure Skating videos. I try update this section throughout skating seasons as i enjoy making videos..and sharing with you.

~ Recent or not so recent updates ~

Posted 04 08 2011 by Koral

Kyeeha! Saddle up, its time to ride!.

Posted 18 06 2011 by Koral

New page, check out my living room cinema. Movies coming to life on the big screen.

Posted 22 12 2010 by Koral

Keeping modern day CPU's running cool while overclocking can be quite a challenge, specially with air cooling. However read the new section on this site all about Water Cooling.


Posted 25 03 2010 by Koral

Users can now leave comments again, there was a problem with script.


Posted 28 06 2009 by Koral

Site has moved to new domain, eibmoz.net
301 the magic number.


Posted 26 05 2008 by Koral

Greetings everyone!
Finally, i have made a new Visual Pinball table, if one can call it that.
Have a look Magic 7


Posted 10 06 2007 by Koral

I have added a section about my motorised satellite dish. It has become a new hobby!


Posted 29 05 2007 by Koral

Lake Fishing page now has background music, this was a song i grew up with.
I hope this summer to catch some big fish!


Posted 28 05 2007 by Koral

Irina Pinball updated!
A lot of work has been made for this final version, all fresh, all new.
Check it out!


Posted 25 05 2007 by zombie

Incase you are wondering about the names on this site, Koral and Zombie - they are both the same person (me).
sometimes the one is more appropriate than the other. It is not my intention to confuse people :)


Posted 18 08 2006 by Koral

Doing major changes on this site, a whole new design.
Dont know where its going but its actually begining to look like something, almost like a real website.
You might experience tons of problems. lol, give it a while for everything to even out.

pip pip! my cat Pist, featured throughout this website

The PC for me came quite late, around mid 90's when I sold my Amiga.
Through the years my favorites are:

Unreal Tournament
SimCity 4
Codename Eagle
Need for Speed - Porsche Unleashed
Doom 2
GTA - San Andreas

Old games that never get old!

guy dancing 6032 girl dancing